Sometimes It's Ok To Give Up : Quitting Time

 Giving Up is the best option

Sometimes It's Ok To Give Up

It’s OKAY to Give Up the things that don’t GIVE BACK to you.

31 August, 2022 | Ashish Rajput


1. When you have a gut feeling that things won’t work out.

The heartbreaking reality is that not all dreams are realised. Some marriages won’t ever work out. Some individuals will never adore you in the way that you require affection. Such is life. Ask yourself, “Is this a goal that can potentially work out?” in an honest and serious manner. Consider whether your spouse — as they are — will ever be able to fulfil your needs if you’re debating whether you should try to maintain a love relationship that’s going through a difficult time. It’s time to let go and move on if your attitude is, “This relationship will be terrific once my partner undergoes a total personality transplant.”

2. When you no longer desire that item (or somebody).

It’s simple to assume that we will achieve our objectives because we have always wanted them. This happens when we let our aims to determine who we are. Give yourself some time to reflect right now. Do you still have a strong connection to that dream? Or are you just acting as though you were?

3. When working toward your goal is causing you extreme distress.

Dreams are great, but we shouldn’t give up the present to pursue our hopes for happiness in the distant future. As you work toward your goal, are you content? If you’re a budding artist attempting to make a career, for instance, consider whether the work you’re doing to achieve your objective is fulfilling in and of itself. If it is, proceed. If it’s not, though, you should consider what you really desire. It’s a common cliche to say, “It’s about the journey, not the goal,” but that’s because it’s cliche. The trip is not worth it if the destination is not worth it.

4. If your fear of what others would think is the only holding you back from quitting already.

What worries you the most when you find yourself avoiding the thought of quitting? Do you worry more about disappointing other people? You cannot give up your life to satisfy the needs of others. Do whatever it takes to be happy, and let other people take care of themselves.

5. When the only justification for clinging to it is the realisation that without it, you don’t know who you are (or him or her).

It’s simple to lose sight of who you are outside of a desire you’ve been pursuing or a relationship you’ve been trying to maintain for a very long time. It can be terrifying to consider letting go of something you’ve clung to so tightly. After all, if you’re not with that individual, who are you? or if you aren’t working toward that goal? But no matter what choices you make, you need to keep in mind that you are a complete person. If you give up, you will initially experience a loss, but ultimately, new relationships and passions will step in to replace that void.

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